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Invested in your success.

Be confident you have the right services and support by partnering with a global leader.

With a dedicated team of specialists, proven methods and proprietary migration tools, you can make the planning and execution of migrations a painless operation.

Case Study

2.6 Million Email Accounts Migrated with Major European Telecommunications Provider

Hostopia partnered with a major European telecommunications provider to accomplish the timely migration of 2.6 million email accounts. Migrations-related reported customer issues accounted for 0.03% of the migration base, with quick resolution.

Struggling to resolve recurrent issues and maintain SLAs with a disjointed email system managed across multiple vendors, by partnering with Hostopia the telecom was able to consolidate their email platform with an improved SLA accountability of 99.9%, protect capital investment, and manage their email offering through a single point-of-contact.
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Partner Marketing

Extend your marketing team with Partner Marketing. Leverage telecom and small business marketing expertise and first-class turnkey sales and marketing tools to help you effectively position and sell within your markets. Available in multiple languages, these turnkey programs allow you to easily launch interactive sales programs and incentives, branded marketing campaigns and lead generation tactics.

Partner Training

Work with a seasoned training department to improve your channel performance. Take advantage of a dedicated on-site trainer or access online, self-serve sales, technical and support training resources.
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Account Management

A dedicated account manager is your day-to-day point of contact, committed to the continued growth of your business. Your account manager takes your products to market, connects you to new products and services, and continues to work with you to meet business goals across your web services portfolio.

Project Management

Launch new products and customized development, led by a seasoned, in-house project management team. Ensure timely and accurate execution of your programs, with a dedicated solutions engineer leading your brand and platform integration.

A specialized channel of technical agents with a range of tools and techniques in place are equipped to handle at-risk customers.

Available as a white label offering, let Hostopia take on the complexity of selling so you don’t have to. Outbound and inbound channels run targeted sales and marketing programs to improve sales conversions.

Control retention and brand loyalty by offering premium customer support and service. Extensive levels of branding for white-label support includes staff training on your brand, a dedicated toll-free number and branded scripting.